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Writing ViewHolder Matcher with Espresso for Android.

Recently I had a need to adapt my Espresso tests to operate on RecyclerView after migration from ListViews. The current actions that are available for RecyclerView based on item position working fine but I don't like to be dependent on position since data in my tests is created dynamically.

I've googled the ViewHolder matchers and found only this link without any practical examples - RecyclerViewActions.

Then based on already created Matcher<Object> used in onData(...) I've created Matcher<VH> which was not so difficult.

Let's assume each item in RecyclerView adapter has subject, represented by TextView. The below matcher will search for item in RecylerView with unique subject which I provide into matcher. Feel free to use it:

public static Matcher<RecyclerView.ViewHolder> withItemSubjectInViewHolder(final String itemSubject) { Checks.checkNotNull(itemSubject); return new BoundedMatcher(RecyclerView.ViewHolder, MyListRecyclerViewItemAdapter.MyV…